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Q: Does Pelham Cleaners provide same day service?
A: For this service, Garments Should be by 10:00 am
Q: What services does Pelham Cleaners offer?
A: We provide dry cleaning, laundry, alteration services at affordable prices with free pickup and delivery. We receive orders by Internet and phone, and provide highest quality services to our valued customers.
Q: Is there a membership fee?
A: No, the membership is absolutely free.
Q: Does Pelham Cleaners charge pickup and delivery fee?
A: Pickup and delivery services are free.
Q: Does Pelham Cleaners do our own cleaning?
A: Yes, we utilize our state-of-the-art dry cleaning facilities to offer professional services to our customers. We value your business, and therefore strive to provide highest quality services.
Q: Does Pelham Cleaners receive orders by phone?
A: Yes, we receive orders by phone and Internet. The phone orders are only available during the business hours, 8AM to 5PM on Monday through Friday.
Q: What type of payment methods do you accept?
A: We currently accept Bank Checks and US Currency only. The credit card payments such as Visa, Master Card will be accepted. But no American Express credit card.
Q: Does Pelham Cleaners clean suede and leathers?
A: Yes. We require additional turn around time for cleaning leather garments.
Q: How do I submit special instructions with my order?
A: Place an order as you would normally do, and use our special instructions page to submit instructions to us. Special instructions are only available on "open" orders.
Q: How do I find the price for an article that is not listed on the price list?
A: Please call our customer service representative at 914.632.5030 or email us at
Q: What do I do if I'm not satisfied with my order return?
A: Re-submit an order with special instructions indicating your dissatisfaction and care instructions.
We will re-clean your garment at no additional charge.