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Dry Cleaning
Our dry cleaning services include minor repairs, pre-spotting, professional dry cleaning and press services for various fabrics of any garment types. We use state-of-the-art machinery and cleaning techniques to meet your dry cleaning expectations. We also accommodate press-only finishing services to our valued customers.
Our experience, in both perspectives of quality and service is incomparable with any other traditional dry cleaning service. Located in Westchester.
Our laundry services include button repairs, wash and press of laundry cleaning shirts. We also optionally package cleaned shirts in a box for traveling customers. There is an extra charge for boxed service, and the latest pricing can be found in pricelist
Our professional alteration services personnel will alter your garments to your perfection. Our trained pickup crew will measure your garments for alterations, or you may markup yourself to suit your needed alterations. Regardless, we will provide superb alteration services to your everyday alteration needs. Our alteration services generally require 5 business day turn-around time, and leather alterations may require additional time depending on the type of service requested. Our services include:
*Button Reinforcing
*Zipper Replacements
*Sleeves ShorteningReweaving
*Leather Alterations
Household Items
* Tablecloths & Napkins
* Comforters & Blankets
* Draperies
* Rugs & Carpets
* Wedding Gowns Cleaned & Preserved
* Box Storage
* Bed Sheet & Pillow Cases Cleaning
Free Pick-Up & Delivery Service
Just give us a call 914.632.5030 or click Sign Up and make your life a little easier.
We'll pick-up and drop off your garments at the same location.
* NO Membership Fee / NO Pick-up & Delivery Fee / NO Tips & Gratuities * Leave your bag out by 8:00am on your schedule days.
---Your driver will come by between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
* We will bill your credit card at month end.
* NO Coupons or other discounts apply to Pick-up & Delivery Service.
* A one time $5.00 purchase fee applies for each additional bag requested.